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When do I need an MOT on a new car?

Most vehicles - including cars, motorcycles, motor caravans and goods vehicles - will not need an MOT test until they are 3 years old.

Before this period, there is no legal obligation to have your vehicle MOT tested - but it's important to check the exact date your vehicle was registered, as three years after that, it will require an MOT test by law.

You can also find out when your MOT test is due through - simply enter the registration number of your vehicle. This will then prompt you to confirm your details, and bring you to an information section. This page shows a number of things, such as:

How to prepare a car for its first MOT

Looking to prepare your vehicle for its first MOT as best as possible? Some of the most common MOT fails, and actions you can complete to prevent failing, include:

Learn more about what happens if your car fails its MOT from our detailed guide.

First MOTs with PTA

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For more information about when a new car will need its first MOT, or other MOT preparation tips, get in touch with our friendly team.