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How long should tyres last?

Each tyre that we buy will have an expected tyre life - irrespective of brand or manufacturer. However, there are various tyre lifespan guidelines that we can follow when it comes to recognising when our tyres may need replacing. Learn more about how long car tyres should last, as well as how long motorcycle tyres should last, now.

How to know when to replace your tyres

Wondering how long do tyres last on average? There are multiple factors that can affect the life of your tyres, which means that it's often difficult to put an exact figure on a tyre's expected lifespan. However, there are things to look out for which can affect the life of your tyres:

How many miles should tyres last?

Dependent on the various factors like above, typical mileage span on tyres can vary. However, it's suggested that both of the front tyres should be able to perform to a minimum of 20,000 miles, and double for the tyres at the rear of the vehicle. Again, it's worth noting that the way you drive, the tyres you buy and the terrain they're exposed to are big factors in how many miles tyres should last.

How long do motorcycle tyres last?

Similar to car tyres, the lifespan of motorcycle tyres also depends on a variety of factors, such as road condition, tyre care and the quality of the tyres. However, it's recommended by tyre manufacturers that you should replace your motorcycle tyres after 5 years. You can determine the date of manufacture by the four-digit number printed on the sidewalls, which shows both the week and the year the tyre was manufactured.

Now you know factors to look out for of when to change car tyres, perhaps you're looking to replace them? Here at PTA Garages, we stock a wide selection of car tyres to buy online from a range of trusted manufacturers. Learn more about our tyre manufacturers today or find your local PTA centre now.